Road conditions improving in Bellingham as weather warms

Ice-laden trees remain a concern. Most City arterials and bus routes bare and wet Saturday morning, Dec. 24

December 24, 2022 - by Janice Keller, Communications Director

Road conditions in Bellingham are improving as temperatures warm. City snow and ice removal crews report that after working overnight most arterials and bus routes are bare and wet, with some slushy sections especially in turn lanes. Side streets are mostly slushy with many clearing on their own as snow melts.

Falling trees and tree branches remain a concern as winds increase today while trees remain heavy with ice.

“Conditions in Bellingham are improving,” Mike Olinger, Assistant Public Works Director, said. “Our main concern over the next couple of hours is that winds are increasing with the next rain front moving in and we still have a lot of ice on the trees. Crews have responded to a number of trees over roadways.”

As conditions improve, City snow and ice removal crews will transition from 24/7 shifts to responding to requests for service. Bellingham residents should call (360) 778-7700 or use the SeeClickFix app to report snow and ice removal needs, downed trees on streets, sidewalks or other public property, and other hazardous conditions.

Most City of Bellingham services except public safety responses are now closed for the holiday weekend, Dec. 23-26.

Olinger noted that while conditions in Bellingham are improving, other areas in Whatcom County are slower to thaw and difficult travel conditions remain in many locations. Drivers should continue to use caution and avoid travel in areas where compact snow and ice remain. Give yourself extra time, know your abilities and the abilities of your vehicle, and be considerate of other drivers.

Weather forecasts indicate continued warming over the weekend. As weather warms, City officials and other area emergency personnel are preparing for the possibility of localized flooding due to snowmelt drainage and forecasted rain. These conditions will continue to be monitored during the holiday weekend.

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