F Street Crossing

​​​​​​​​Project Overview: WF-1022

This project includes design and construction of F Street railroad crossing improvements and associated street improvements adjacent to the F Street railroad crossing. Improvements include providing four quadrant gates, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, travel lane channelization, and updated signs and markings.​ These changes will improve railroad, vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle safety. 

This project is funded by Federal 2017 Railway – Highway Crossings Program (Section 130), and City 141 First 1/4% Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) Fund.

Status – August 2020

Accomplishments​: Advertised for and selected PH Consulting, LLC as design consultant. Design progressed to 30%, initiating ROW phase.​

Next MilestonesProgress design, coordination with BNSF.

Project Details​​


​Larry Scholten, P.E.

Project Engineer

​Phone: (360) 778-7923

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