Railroad Crossing Safety and Quiet Zones for Trains


In 2007, the City contracted with HDR Engineering to prepare a report on ways to reduce train horn noise where the trains cross 11 at-grade railroad crossings in Bellingham. The report was broken into two separate quiet zones. The zones were designated as (1) The Fairhaven Quiet Zone, and; (2) the Waterfront Quiet Zone. The full report and appendices are below.

2012 Addendum to 2007 Quiet Zone Report

In 2012 costs estimates were updated to reflect an 8% inflation rate. The below report is an addendum to the original 2007 Quiet Zone Report.

2007 Report

City Council Resolution

Quiet Zone Resolution 2014-44 (PDF)

Boulevard Park Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

Planning for improvements at this crossing began in 2013. The photos, taken in May 2015, show the newly operational improvements.

 Boulevard Pedestrian Railroad Crossing Boulevard Pedstrian Railroad Crossing

More Information

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