Lincoln-Maple Signal & Non-Motorized Improvements

Project Overview: ET034

This project includes constructing a full traffic signal at Lincoln/E Maple to improve intersection operation and break the 0.86-mile corridor in half by providing a protected pedestrian crossing. This project scope has been expanded to include other improvements in the corridor:

  • Lincoln Street will be re-channelized from 5 lanes to 3 lanes with a center turn lane.
  • Existing bike lanes will become buffer-protected bike lanes.
  • A flashing crosswalk and transit island will be constructed at Lincoln/Viking Circle.
  • A 6-foot-wide sidewalk will be constructed along the south side of E Maple between Lincoln and Consolidation.
Project vicinity map. Click on image to open a larger PDF version of the map.

The planned improvements are covered in Projects 12 & 18 of the Six-Year (2023-2028) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). A future phase 2 will look at extending these improvements to the Lincoln/Lakeway intersection but requires additional work.

Research indicates that the traffic-controlled intersection at Lincoln St/E Maple St requires the planned traffic light, including in three recent independent traffic impact analyses (TIAs) for private residential development and in the 2020-2021 Lincoln-Lakeway Multimodal Transportation Study conducted by the City, WSDOT, WTA, and WCOG.

Several hundred student apartments and significant commercial development has been approved or is under construction along both sides of Lincoln Street and E Maple. This intersection also abuts the WWU Lincoln Creek Park-N-Ride and WTA high-frequency transit service to WWU campus.

Lincoln-Maple intersection on a cloudy day. Stop sign and faded crosswalk in the foreground and businesses in the background.
Pre-construction photo of intersection at E Maple St and Lincoln St (February 2023).


The traffic light is supported by a Transportation Improvement Board grant of $480,000 and street funds including money from private development (Transportation Impact Fee and SEPA mitigation fees). The non-motorized improvements are funded by the voter-approved Bellingham Transportation Fund.

Status – March 2023

Accomplishments: Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Grant Agreement established in May 2022. Necessary survey work has been scheduled for the Lincoln St. and E Maple St. Right of Way.

Next Milestones: Complete 30% Design Plans.

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Jessica J. Bennett, Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7923

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