Maplewood-Mcleod Park

This project involves:

1) preparing a park master plan per PAR 04.00.01;
2) designing and construct improvements in an existing undeveloped neighborhood park, located between Cherrywood Avenue and Maplewood Avenue; and,
3) naming the park per PAR 01.00.01. The naming process will be integral with the park master planning process.

The park is composed of three parcels, two purchased in 2008, and the third in 2010.  The park is hilly with three delineated wetlands and associated buffers encumbering roughly 72% of the park area. Slopes vary between 2% to  50%. Existing trail access varies between 2% and 20%. Historic mines underlay the site.

The Parks Recreation Openspace Plan recommends the following for neighborhood parks: active/passive recreation activities, serve those living within a .5 walk along a designated pedestrian route, sidewalk or trail (safe route); to accommodate a wide variety of ages and user groups: youth, adults, seniors and special needs populations; creating a sense of place by bringing together the unique character of the site with that of the neighborhood is vital to a successful neighborhood park; to develop this park, page 31. The Birchwood Neighborhood Plan only specifies a change of zone to public, which has been completed.

Anticipated park facilities include: children’s playground, adult exercise area, small picnic shelter, improved pedestrian access and path of travel that complies with ADA, on-site parking for park maintenance, designated accessible parking on Cherrywood Avenue; and pedestrian amenities tables, benches, bike racks, park signage, park name sign, trash receptacles, dog waste station, drinking fountain.


​​$600,000 Park Impact Fees



Two master plan options have been developed for public review and comment on Engage Bellingham until June 26, 2022. The public may access a presentation of the options here: Maplewood/Mcleod Park Master Plan | Engage Bellingham. Following public input a preferred option will be presented to the Bellingham Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, then the Bellingham City Council for adoption. The preferred design will then move forward for final design and permitting, with construction planned for Summer of 2023.

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