West Cemetery Creek Water Quality Project

​​​​​​​​​​​Project Overview: EN05​3

​​This project includes the design and construction of stream bank and channel stabilization features along West Cemetery Creek. This project will install natural bed and bank features, facilitate stormwater dispersion along the creek, and reduce sediment loads to improve water quality and restore natural processes in West Cemetery Creek and downstream water bodies. 

Funding from a Washington State Department of Ecology Centennial Clean Water Program grant.

For project background information please see the​ West Cemetery Creek Water Quality Improvements webpage.​

Status – December 2022

Milestones: The second and final phase of project began July 2022. Phase Two builds upon the work completed in 2021 by installing sediment control-and-capture structures, repairing existing stormwater outfalls, and installing large woody debris within the portions of West Cemetery Creek just north of Lakeway and Old Lakeway Drive. These improvements will help reduce sediment in the creek and improve its stability. Phase Two work areas are along the westbound lanes of Lakeway and Old Lakeway Drive. Trail closures are posted and marked, with alternate routes identified.

Accomplishments: All 2021 work is complete. The installation of sediment control-and-capture structures in the creek bed project is complete, with restoration work underway at both Lakeway Drive and Old Lakeway.

Special thanks to the City’s Bellingham Parks Volunteer Program for hosting a work party for this project in November 2021. Together with community volunteers, they replanted sections of the construction area with native plants.

Volunteers at the November 2021 work party at the West Cemetery Creek site.

Project Details​

  • Status – Construction
  • Contract awarded – July 12, 2021
  • Contract amount – $608,103.84
  • Contractor – Henifin Construction
  • Vicinity Map 

More Information


​Freeman Anthony, P.E.
Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7924
Public Works Co​ntacts

​​This project is​ funded by the Washington Sta​te Department of Ecology.

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