Climate Protection Action Plan

​​​​​​​The commitment to combat climate change has gained the support of the global community, with city governments like Bellingham leading the way in the public sector. In 2005, City Council committed to the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign and its five milestones. That process resulted in Bellingham’s 2007 Climate Protection Action Plan, which included emissions reduction targets for 2012 and 2020. The City has completed the initial five Climate Protection milestones and has now renewed our commitment to greenhouse gas reduction in the Climate Protection Action Plan 2018 Update (51MB), charting a course to meet new targets in 2030 and 2050. Starting in 2018, the City’s Climate Action Plan will be updated every 5 years. The next update is scheduled for 2023.

Climate Emissions and Goals

Visit the Bellingham Climate Emissions and Goals webpage to learn about Bellingham’s emissions reduction targets and current progress.

Climate Action Plan Task Force

When adopting the 2018 Update, the City Council also included in the resolution the creation of a Climate Action Plan ​Task Force to develop and recommend 100% renewable energy targets and suggest policies to accelerate 2018 Climate Action Plan greenhouse gas reduction targets. The Task Force produced a final report in December 2019 with recommendations for accelerating Bellingham’s 100% renewable energy targets.