Selling Property in the Lake Whatcom Watershed

Interested in selling your property in the Lake Whatcom Watershed? Read below to learn how you can sell your property and leave a legacy of protection in the Lake Whatcom Watershed.

  • The City of Bellingham is a cash buyer. The City will make an offer to purchase your property based on a fair market value appraisal prepared by a qualified, independent Appraiser.  
  • The City does not pay commissions and is not seeking a buyer’s agent.
  • Preference is placed on unimproved properties. 
  • Property requirements:
    • Property must be located within the Lake Whatcom Watershed
    • Property must not be part of a Homeowner’s Association

Step 1. Contact

Contact our Property Acquistion Group to express your interest in selling.

Contact Form

Step 2. Property Evaluation

Your property will be evaluated, and the City will contact you if it meets the needs of the program.

Step 3. City Council

If recommended, your property is brought before the Bellingham City Council, which considers properties to be purchased during executive sessions. City Council meets twice per month.

Step 4. Reports and Assessments

With Council approval, City staff order a title report, Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment and appraisal of the property. The results of all reports are shared with you and/or your agent as they are received.

Step 5. Offer

An offer is made based on the fair market value established by the appraisal and through Council guidelines which are contingent on a clear title, the Environmental Site Assessment, and final Council approval.

Step 6. Purchase and Sale Agreement

If you accept the offer, a Purchase and Sale Agreement is prepared and will be signed by you and the City.

Step 7. Closing

With final Council approval, the Property Acquisition Group and Property Owner/Agent proceed to closing.

Lake Whatcom Watershed Protected Properties

View an interactive map showing properties in the Lake Whatcom Watershed that are currently protected by the City, Whatcom County, and Whatcom Land Trust.

Map showing Lake Whatcom watershed. Areas around the lake are highlighted to show which land is protected by the City, Whatcom County, or Whatcom Land Trust.
Map is current as of March 10, 2023. Please click map image to view an interactive version.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Acquisition Group at or via this form.