Lake Whatcom Land Acquisition and Preservation Program

​​Preserving land in its natural forested condition is an important part of what local government is doing to protect Lake Whatcom. Forested land soaks up and naturally filters rainwater, reducing impacts to the lake from high flows and pollution. Our duty to provide clean water for over 100,000 residents begins with careful land management.

In 2001, the City began a program to purchase available land in the Lake Whatcom Watershed, funded by water​shed fees. As of June 2022, the City has purchased over 2,400 acres at a cost of about $35.5 million dollars. The City has also protected an additional 164 acres of land through conservation easements or restrictive covenants.​

Lands protected by the Land Acquisition and Preservation Program

Visit the Lake Whatcom Watershed Protected Properties Map to view current protected lands.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Property Acquisition Specialist in the Public Works Department administration office.