Stormwater Hotline

​​​Call the Stormwater 24-Hour Hotline to report any type of pollution. Also call 911 for hazardous material spills. Do not clean up the material if it is unsafe to do so. Staff at the hotline can direct you to the appropriate agency to help with non-stormwater pollution.​

Pollution can also be reported online; however, online reports received outside of normal business hours (7:30 ​a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday) are not viewed until the next business day. ​Please call the Stormwater Hotline when reporting pollution outside of our normal business hours to ensure your report reaches City staff more promptly.​

Call (360) 778-7979 or report online:

  • Activities that allow any waste water to flow to a storm drain or water body:
    • Car washing
    • Pressure washing
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Paint chipping, sanding or pressure washing
    • Cleaning of painting materials
    • Hazardous material spills
    • Over watering a lawn, allowing water to flow into the street and storm drain  
  • Car leaks
  • Pet waste complaints
  • Improper storage of oil, pesticides, dirt, fertilizer, and other materials
  • Erosion of dirt or landscaping materials to a storm drain or water body
  • Dumping grass or other yard waste on public property or right of ways
  • Over use of fertilizers
  • Storm drains that are not working properly


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What You Can Do for Clean Water


​​Stormwater 24-Hour Hotline: (360) 778-7979
Stormwater Emergency: call 9-1-1​​