2007 Stormwater Comprehensive Plan

Update: Please visit this page to see the City’s most recent Surface and Stormwater Comprehensive Plan.

The 2007 Stormwater Comprehensive Plan, completed and financed in December 2007, updates the 1995 Watershed Master Plan.

Updates to this important, guiding document reflect the current state of stormwater in the City in accordance with Bellingham Municipal Code 15.42.050.A.

The work done under the 2007 plan focused on an integrated stormwater modeling system. This system meets regulatory requirements the City passed in 2006, along with our Municipal Phase II NPDES permit. Specifically, this system works with the City’s geographic information system (GIS) by melding the information we maintain on land use, impervious surfaces, vegetation, soils, rainfall and our stormwater systems (including our creeks) to provide runoff information. This system paints a much more accurate picture of our current stormwater system and issues such as erosion, flooding and needed system improvements. This system also provides the city and development engineers better information to integrate into site planning. The 2007 Stormwater Comprehensive Plan is a dynamic tool that is intended to evolve as more data becomes available, therefore providing new and better information for years to come.