Habitat Walk at Lake Padden Park – Interpretive Site 3


North side of Lake Padden from bathhouse to trail map sign (northwest entrance to park).


Riparian area created by intersection of grass meadow and lake. Area includes a high-use beach that provides easy access to lake for swimmers and kayakers. Dense stand of soft-stemmed bulrush extends from bank into shallow area of lake. Lake is bordered by deciduous shrubs and trees.

Habitat Value

Beach along lake and grass meadow provide feeding area for Canada Geese in fall and winter and Song Sparrows in spring and summer. Soft-stemmed Bullrush in lake provide cover and place to raise young for American Coots and Mallards. Deciduous shrubs and small trees provide cover, food and place to raise young for Dark-eyed Juncos.

Native Plants

Seasonal Changes

During winter, Soft-stemmed Bulrush turn brown and shed stems and leaves that collect along lake bank.  Deciduous shrubs and trees are bare of leaves. Bark of Black Cottonwood, Scouler’s Willow and Red Huckleberry provide color and texture in winter.

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Yard

Provide water accessible to wildlife. Diversify topography by adding slopes and rocky places. Create pockets of leaf litter for cover and nesting material for birds and small mammals. Use a variety of species of berry and fruit producing native plants that provide food for birds.

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