Safety Education

​Fires and injuries can be avoided and lives can be saved simply by understanding good principles and following good practices.  A list of topics are listed below to help you get started. There are also some topics that may teach you how to react better in the event of an emergency.

​Police Community Presentations and Training

All our presentations are free for the citizens of the city. We will work with you to set a date and time to come to your home, workplace, or meeting place. If you are interested in the content, timeline, and targeted audience, please call the Crime Prevention Unit of the Bellingham Police Department.

Fire Presentations and Station Tours

If you are interested in a Fire Presentation or Station Tour please fill out the online request form.

Emergency Preparedness

For information on emergency preparedness topics and the latest news from local agencies, see the Whatcom Unified Emergency Management website.

Safety Videos

House fires – Learn what a first arriving fire company is required to do at a house fire. Includes a demonstrates of a thermal imaging cameraYouTube
Boat and pier fires – How the Bellingham Fire Department deals with boat and pier fires in the harbor. This demonstrates how land based crews work with our fire boat.YouTube
Medical training – A description of EMT and Paramedic training. Also shows the difference between Basic Life Support vs. Advanced Life Support response.YouTube
Smoke detectors – How smoke detectors work and how to maintain them.YouTube
Emergency vehicles – How to react when an emergency vehicle approaches.YouTube
Motor Vehicle CollisionsYouTube
Paramedic Research Part 1 – Research and development for new medical devices.YouTube
Paramedic Research Part 2 – Research and development for new medical devices.YouTube
Fire Scene Safety – Hazards caused by vehicles trying to drive over fire hoses at emergency scenes.YouTube
Cooperation – How the Bellingham Fire Department works with other local emergency agencies.YouTube
Inspections – Fire inspections of businesses.YouTube
Emergency preparedness – Preparing your family for disasters.YouTube
Emergency management – City of Bellingham Emergency Management Division.YouTube
Winter driving tips – safety measures for drivers during winter conditions in Bellingham.YouTube

Other Safety Topics