Child Safety Curriculum

Every year Bellingham Fire Department is invited into the public schools to teach children a little bit about fire safety.

Kindergarten: Meet the Friendly Firefighter

This entails having a firefighter going from uniform to full bunker gear in front of the kids and doing a small controlled search. The goal is to have the kids not be scared of a fire fighter and hide from them in a fire.

1st Grade: Stop, Drop, and Roll & Crawl Low Through Smoke

This is an attempt to teach children what to do if their clothing catches fire and also how they should exit a building that is involved in a fire. 2nd Grade: E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills In The Home). A Disney/Donald Duck video teaches kids how to plan their exit out of a home.

Kids are good at learning new things but everyone needs to practice to get good. The link below is to a site that can help kids practice their new skills while learning even more.

Play safe! Be safe! is a multimedia fire safety education program created especially for children ages three to five. It was developed by BIC Corporation in cooperation with educators and fire safety experts. (Play safe! Be safe! Is not affiliated with C.O.B. or Bellingham Fire Department.)

If you have more questions about children’s fire safety, please contact Bellingham Fire Department.