Apartment Safety Checklist

True – False

_____ Smoke detectors are installed and operating properly.

_____ All exterior doors and locking devices are in good working order so, in the event of a fire, tenants can exit quickly.

_____ Windows open easily so they could be used as an alternate exit in the event of fire.

_____ Stove vent hoods, ducts, cooking surfaces, and cabinets are free of accumulated grease.

_____ The apartment number is properly posted.

_____ If a barbecue grill is used, there is a closed metal container for ash storage.

_____ All fireplace chimneys are cleaned regularly and checked for leaks by a qualified person.

_____ There are no obvious electrical problems (i.e. blackened areas around electrical plugs, badly damaged cords).

_____ There are no excessive quantities of flammable and/or combustible liquids stored in the apartments.

_____Unnecessary accumulations of combustible materials are eliminated, and the remainder stored away from sources of ignition.

_____ GFI (ground fault interrupter) receptacles are functioning properly. Push the test button. The power should now be cut to the receptacle. By pushing the reset button, power is restored. GFIs are typically installed in bathrooms and near kitchen sinks and may prevent shock/electrocution accidents.

Correct all “FALSE” answers today!