Portable Gasoline Containers

Did you know . . . that fires have resulted from filling metal portable gasoline containers (gas cans) in the back of pick-up trucks while the containers were resting on plastic bed liners, or in vehicles with carpeted or rubber-matter surfaces? These fires result from the buildup of static electricity.

The insulating effect of bed liners, carpeting or rubber mats prevents the static charge generated by gasoline flowing into containers from grounding. The discharge of the buildup to the grounded gasoline dispenser nozzle may cause a spark and ignite the gasoline. Both ungrounded metal(most hazardous) and plastic gas containers have been involved in these incidents. To minimize the possibility of a fire when dispensing gasoline into a portable can:

  • Use only containers that have been listed, labeled or approved for gasoline.
  • Do not dispense gasoline into a portable gasoline container while it is located inside a vehicle, trunk, or pick-up truck bed.
  • Make sure the container is stable and positioned on the concrete or asphalt prior to dispensing gasoline.
  • When placing the gasoline container on the ground surface, make sure it is positioned away from other vehicles, people and moving traffic.
  • Use caution when dispensing the gasoline from the nozzle. Make sure the nozzle remains in the gasoline container until dispensing is complete.
  • Avoid using nozzle latch or hold-open devices when filling a gasoline container.
  • Avoid smoking when dispensing gasoline into containers.