Woodstock Site Planning

Define preferred visions for opening and adapting the Farm for public use as part of the City's greenway system

Chuckanut Drive Rock Stabilization

The project will stablize a slide area adjacent to Chuckanut Dr. The work includes drilling holes to hold a 25,000 pound design load, then inserting metal bolts to secure the rock. The work space is limited & will require reducing the traffic to one lane.

Inspiration Point

Improvements include a trail to the reconstructed historic Inspiration Point overlook, as well as Woodstock Farm driveway improvements, ADA parking, and protective highway barrier, park furniture and landscape planting.

Chuckanut Village Marsh EN-0031

Restoration of the Chuckanut Village Marsh will enhance the area's ability to provide pocket estuary functions, including improving water quality and providing rearing, foraging and osmo-regulation for juvenile salmonids from nearby Chuckanut Creek.