2020 TBD Projects and 40th Street Sidewalk

​​​​Project Overview: ES-0553

This project includes pedestrian and bicycle facility improvements throughout Bellingham including a new sidewalk on the east side of 40th Street from El​wood to Fielding and improvements at the Grant/Kentucky intersection. This will improve pedestrian and bicycle access. 

Funded by Street and Transportation Benefit District. ​

Project Status – May 2021

Accomplishments: Project complete.

Next Milestone: Close-out project.

40th Street Project Fencing

The construction of the new 40th Street sidewalk along the edge of a vacant City parcel impacted adjacent wetlands. As a result, City action is required to maintain water quality, habitat and the hydrologic watershed functions by protecting and improving the parcel’s wetlands. Crews are planting native plants to help improve wetlands on the parcel and will soon install additional fencing to prevent use as an unsanctioned park. Learn more in the 40th Street fencing FAQ.

​Project Background

​Concept Design​

​Design Milestones

Project Details

  • Status – Construction
    • Project punchlist inspection complete. Waiting to finish punchlist items and close-out project.
  • Contract Awarded – July 6, 2020
  • Contract Amount  – $1,338,403.40
  • Contractor – Larry Brown Construction​
  • Vicini​ty Ma​​p​​


Construction contact:
Freeman (Fritz) Anthony, PE
Project Engineer
(360) 778-7924

Transportation Planning contact:
Chris Comeau
Transportation Planner
(360) 778-7946ccomeau@cob.org

Participating Departments

Affected Neighborhoods