Lakeway Drive Bikeway Study

​​​Project Overview: ES-0529

This project was a comprehensive study of the feasibility of constructing bikeway facilities on Lakeway Drive from Woburn Street to Ellis Street, as indicated in the 2014 Bicycle Master Plan.  Pedestrian improvement needs were also considered, as recommended in the 2012 Pedestrian Master Plan.

Excerpt from the 2014 Bellingham Bicycle Master Plan (Chapter 3, page 53): Lakeway Drive is the third busiest I-5 crossing in Bellingham (25,000 vehicles per day), but is also a critical connection for residents to access downtown services and other popular cultural destinations, including Civic Field, Whatcom Falls Park, and Lake Whatcom to the east. Due to the lack of an on-street bicycle facility, many cyclists currently utilize the narrow sidewalk, generating discomfort for pedestrians as well as cyclists. ​Bellingham should allocate transportation funds to study and determine feasible options to install dedicated bicycle facilities through the I-5 underpass on Lakeway Drive.

Status: March 2016 – August 2017

   Milestones (black) – Documents (blue):

Participating Departments, Agencies, and Consultants

  • Bellingham Public Works
  • Bellingham School District
  • TranspoGroup, Inc.
  • MIG/SvR, Inc.

Project Details

  • Status – Feasibility Study Completed
  • Completion Date – August 2017
  • Final Contract Amount – $50,000 Feasibility Study
  • Vicinity Map –  See presentation slides
  • Preconstruction Photo –  See Presentation slides


​Chris Comeau, AICP-CTP

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