Procurement Process

​​​​Doing business with the City Of Bellingham

The City of Bellingham Purchasing and Materials Management Division administers the procurement process on behalf of all City Departments. Here you will find information and opportunities to sell goods and services to City government, regulations and policies on procurement, and current solicitation listings and documents.

Procurement policies and regulations

The City of Bellingham regulates the procurement of goods and services depending on the type of commodity or service being acquired. Listed below are the current regulations regarding procurement. Any expenditure of City funds over $10,000 for goods or services requires that a purchase order or City contract be issued. The purchase order or City contract is the supplier’s authorization to ship the equipment, materials or supplies, or perform the services specified. It constitutes the agreement between the City and supplier. A purchase order is the supplier’s only guarantee of payment (BMC 4.80, BCC 5.03, RCW 35.22). Any public work or improvement (including supplies, materials and equipment) requires a formal bid when the cost exceeds $4​5,000​. The term “public work” is defined as all work, construction, alteration, repair or improvement. Services require a formal solicitation process depending on the type and extent of the service.

Small Works Roster Process

The City of Bellingham uses the Municipal Research Service Center (MRSC) shared small works and consultant rosters.  To be eligible to work on small public works projects with the City of Bellingham, please register your company at

Questions on the roster?  Call 206-625-1300 or email  Questions for Purchasing at the City of Bellingham?  Call 360-778-7750 or email

Services On-Call Roster

The City of Bellingham uses Municipal Research Services Corporation (MRSC) rosters for architects, engineers and other professional services. To be eligible for work with the City of Bellingham, please register your company at

Questions on the roster?  Call 206-625-1300 or email  Questions for City of Bellingham Purchasing?  Call 360-778-7750 or email

Gifts to Purchasing and Material Management Employees

Although the thought is greatly appreciated please do not give or leave Purchasing staff anything of monetary value, which includes but is not limited to hats, mugs, donuts, and promotional items. Products, which are for evaluation purposes, are generally acceptable, however please contact the Purchasing Manager before submission.

Bellingham Municipal Code and Washington State Law:

“City employees shall not accept directly or indirectly any gift, favor, loan, retainer, entertainment or other thing of monetary value from any person, firm, or corporation having dealings with the City when such acceptance would conflict or create the appearance of a conflict, with the performance of the employee’s duties.”

Employees who are engaged in buying or contract negotiations are held to additional regulations per Washington State Law.

Any supplier​ found disregarding this law may be banned from doing business with the City and/or prosecuted.



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