Use Less Energy Inside

​​Using less energy inside is one of the top three actions you can personally take to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions and help the Bellingham community reach the goals in its Climate​​ Protection Action Plan

Energy efficiency – or using less energy to provide the same or better energy services – is one of the most cost-effective tools for addressing the challenges of high energy prices, energy independence and security, air pollution, and climate change.

Energy use in Bellingham homes is responsible for one-fifth of our community’s greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home can reduce your home’s environmental impact while saving you money on your energy bills, improving your comfort, and increasing your home’s value. Saving energy is easier than ever with these local programs:

  • Community Energy Challenge (CEC): This program walks homeowners through the process of achieving energy efficiency in their homes, from start to finish. You will receive a low-cost full energy audit, a comprehensive report detailing cost-effective measures, recommendations on choosing a reliable contractor, rebates, and more by participating in this program. Check he​re to see if you qualify as moderate income to receive even more financial incentives through the CEC.  
  • Cascade Natural Gas Conservation Incentive Program: If you are a Cascade Natural Gas customer, you can save money through their residential rebates and commercial/industr​ial rebates when you install energy-saving improvements, including new windows and insulation.
  • City of Bellingham Water Conservation Kits: As a City water customer, you are eligible to receive one free kit with energy- and water-saving fixtures – a low-flow showerhead, faucet aerators, and toilet leak detection tablets. Pick yours up today!

Or, get started on your own with these home energy-saving tips that you can follow to reduce your home’s energy use without joining a program.

Are you in? Start today!

Join hundreds of Bellingham community members in taking the “I’m In!” fo​r Climate Action​​ pledge today to make a personal commitment to switch to use less energy. Whatcom County residents who complete the pledge are eligible to enter our quarterly prize drawing to win a tool to help you reduce your environmental impact.