I’m in.

“Since taking the pledge, I’ve been using my vehicle less by walking to the grocery store for small hauls.”
~ Teresa, Bellingham Resident

“I’m In!” for Climate Action Pledge

Achieving the goals in our City Council approved Climate Protection Action Plan will require everyone in the Bellingham community to take steps towards securing a clean and vibrant future. Whether you are just starting to make climate-minded choices, or you are a seasoned change maker, there are always new and effective ways to be involved, and many of them are no or low-cost changes.​​


These are the top actions you can personally take that will have the biggest impact on reducing Bellingham’s emissions and protecting our future:

  • Shift your transportation mode
  • Use less energy inside
  • Switch to renewable energy​
  • Make your voice heard

 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” … What step will you take for climate action?

Find resources for each of these actions below and take the “I’m In!” ple​dge. Participants in Whatcom County are eligible to enter a quarterly prize drawing for a tool to help you take your next step.


Energy Saving Programs and Incentives
Federal Energy Tax Credits
Energy-Saving Tips
Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar
Water Conservation Rebates
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