Conservation Easements

In addition to property purchase, conservation easements provide another option for land conservation by the City. A conservation easement legally places a restriction on land in order to protect its associated natural resources in perpetuity. Conservation easements work well when property owners want to retain ownership of their land, but are interested in restricting land use in some way. Often the restriction takes the form of eliminating further subdivision or development of the property. Conservation easements are individually crafted with the specifics of each property in mind, and can target a variety of conservation values, such as restriction of timber harvest or protection of wildlife habitat. Conservation easements may be voluntarily donated to the City (with potential tax benefit to the donor), or they may be purchased by the City, or some combination of the two.

Total Acres

  • 164 acres, 116 units removed from development

More Information

Please contact the Property Management section of the Public Works Department if you would like more information about Conservation Easements.