Annual Docket

​The Growth Management Act limits amendments to the comprehensive plan, which includes neighborhood plans, to once a year. The City Council establishes the docket of proposed comprehensive plan amendments after conducting a committee meeting and considering the recommendations of staff and materials submitted by applicants.

Requests to amend the comprehensive plan must be submitted to the Planning Department by April 1st of each year. Requests are required to meet the minimum docketing criteria in the Bellingham Municipal Code (BMC) 20.20.030. Once on the annual review docket, the amendments (and rezones, if applicable) go through a Type VI process.

Comprehensive/Neighborhood Plan Amendment and Rezone Request Application Forms

2022-2023 Docket

On June 6, 2022, the following applications were docketed by the City Council for review in the 2022-2023 Comprehensive Plan amendment cycle.

  • REZ 2022-0001: The Public Works Department requests an amendment to the Bellingham Comprehensive Plan to incorporate an updated Pedestrian Master Plan by reference.
  • REZ2022-0002: The Public Works Department requests an amendment to the Bellingham Comprehensive Plan to incorporate an updated Bicycle Master Plan by reference.
  • REZ2022-0003: The Bellingham School District requests a rezone of their properties located at 4160 Cougar Road and parcel 380308107121 in Area 6 of the King Mountain Neighborhood from Residential Single to Public.
  • REZ 2022-0004: Talbot Real Estate, LLC requests a rezone to adopt a new Urban Village plan and Urban Village designation in Areas 13-20 and 25 in the Barkley Neighborhood.
  • REZ2022-0006: Dominion Sustainable Development requests a rezone of properties located at 755 Lincoln St. and 3816 Consolidation Ave. in Area 1 of the Samish Neighborhood from Commercial Auto to Commercial Planned. Note: Council approved staff’s expanded proposal to include all remaining Commercial Auto zoned properties.

On-Going Docketed Proposals

Archived Docketed Proposals

ProposalYear DocketedStatusCity Council Decision
Residential Multi Project2021CompleteApprove​​​ 
Neighborhood Parks Rezone (REZ2020-0003)2020CompleteApprove
Bellingham School District Capital Facilities Plan (REZ2020-0005)2020CompleteApprove
2020 Surface and Stormwater Comp Plan (REZ2020-0007)2020CompleteApprove
​Food Access Policies (REZ2019-0001)2019CompleteApprove
Parks and Recreation & Open Space (PRO) Plan (REZ2019-0002)2019CompleteApprove
​York Neighborhood Plan – Area 1 (REZ2019-0004)2019CompleteApprove
​Birchwood Neighborhood Plan – Area 1 (REZ2019-0003)2019WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT
Samish Way Urban Village Plan (REZ2018-0003)2018CompleteApprove
Waterfront District Master Plan (REZ2018-0002)2018CompleteApprove
Samish Neighborhood ​Plan and Zoning Table – Area 4 (REZ2018-0004)2018 ​EXPIRED – Deadline not met by applicant
Mobile Homes _Manufactured Home Parks (REZ2018-0005)  ​2018CompleteApprove​​​ 
Comprehensive Plan Update​​2016​​Complete​Approve​​​
Barkley Neighborhood​​2016​CompleteApprove
Cordata Neighborhood​ – Area 20​2016​CompleteApprove
Cordata Neighborhood – Area 9​2016​CompleteApprove
Samish Neighborhood – Ashley Way2014​​Complete​Approve
Samish Neighborhood – Area 9​​2014Complete​Approve
​​Samish Neighborhood – Area 4​2014​Complete​Approve ​
Cordata Neighborhood2013​Complete​Approve
 Cornwall Park Neighborhood2013​Complete​Approve
Happy Valley Neighborhood​2013​CompleteApprove
Meridian Neighborhood2013​Deadline not met – withdrawn​ ​
Park, Recreation and Open Space Chapter2013​Complete​Approve
Samish Neighborhood2013​Complete​Approve
South Neighborhood2013​Complete​Approve
Cornwall Park Neighborhood​2012Complete​Deny
Edgemoor Neighborhood 2012​Complete​Deny
King Mountain Neighborhood (Area 14A)2012​Complete​Approve
South Neighborhood2012CompleteDeny
Sunnyland Neighborhood– City of Bellingham2012CompleteDeny
Sunnyland Neighborhood – Neighborhood Association2012CompleteApprove
Sunnyland Neighborhood– Owners2012CompleteDeny
Whatcom Falls Neighborhood2012CompleteApprove
​Economic Development Chapter (Comprehensive Plan)​2011Complete​Approve
Downtown Bellingham Plan​2011Complete​Approve
Samish Neighborhood​2011Complete​Deny
Happy Valley Neighborhood​2011​CompleteDeny
King Mountain Neighborhood (Area 13) ​2010​CompleteDen​y
Fairhaven Neighborhood and Urban Village Plan​2008​CompleteApprove
Sehome Neighborhood Association​2008​CompleteApprove
Bakerview/James Urban Village Master Plan​​Pending Staff Resources​​ ​


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