Travel with Care


In 2021-2023, Bellingham is conducting the Protecting Mobility for All public safety campaign. The City of Bellingham, in partnership with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, has taken measures to reduce collisions and increase responsible behavior on city streets.  In just one month, five collisions (all in marked crosswalks) involving vehicles and pedestrians and a cyclist resulted in serious injuries and two deaths.  Even one avoidable collision is one too many.

Bellingham is a community that cares about walkability, cycling safety and one another.  We know that ensuring safety on the streets is everyone’s responsibility.  It’s a responsibility we take seriously.

“Travel with Care” is an ongoing education and enforcement campaign intended to:

  • foster safe driving, walking  and cycling behaviors utilizing social norming;
  • educate all users (motorists, pedestrians, cyclists) on safe behavior and rules of the road;
  • enforce rules of the road.

The goal is to have zero collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles.  The objective to achieve that goal is to increase responsible behavior and reduce distractions and other avoidable causes of collisions.  


Accomplishments:   Launched pedestrian safety campaign at Downtown Sounds Aug 2, 2017;  presented on-campus during Western Washingtono University information fair in September 2017 and 2018; PSA campaign developed which included recognizable Bellingham residents, presentations to City Council (April 10, 2017 and Nov. 13, 2017), the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Council (July 19, 2017) and, by invitation, the State Traffic Safety Conference (April 25, 2018); information/education video developed which remains in use.

Next Milestones:  continuing Police enforcement; updating PSA to cycle out dated images and add new faces.


Travel with Care Video  (4 Min)

 Public Service Announcement Videos (30 Sec)


Justin Taylor, transportation technician
City of Bellingham – Public Works
(360) 778-7825