Cordata Park

Cordata Park Ribbon Cutting​​


Cordata Park will be Bellingham’s newest park.  The 25-acre parcel located on Cordata Parkway between Stuart and Horton Roads was acquired in March 2015.  

Phase One development has many of the amenities proposed in the park master plan, such as: age – separated playground, picnic areas and large rentable picnic shelter, parkour, bike pump track, restroom, parking and trails, as well as wetland mitigation. Landscape planting, utility extension, security lighting, irrigation and landscape planting are also included.

Park Master Plan (PDF)


Greenways Four Levy, Park Impact Fees and state grant if awarded.


Design Phase                     October 10, 2017 thru August 9, 2018
Permit Phase                     November 2017 thru October 2018
Bid Phase                           November 2018 thru March 2019
Construction Phase          May 2019 thru early 2020, weather dependent
1% for Art Project             November 2017 thru March 2020
Bid Award                          3/11/2019 to Strider Construction Co. Inc.
Bid Amount                       $6,247,499.89
Phase One Plan (PDF)


Strider Construction Company, Inc.  

Design Consultant Team

Lead Designer:                  Robert W. Droll Landscape Architect PS
Archaeologist:                   Drayton Archaeology  
Architect:                            RMC Architect
Biologist:                            Northwest Ecological Services
Civil Engineer:                   Herrera Environmental
Electrical Engineer:          Cross Engineers
Geotechnical Engineer:   GeoEngineers, Inc.
Mechanical Engineer:      Enginuity Systems
Structural Engineer:         MC Squared
Traffic Engineer:               Transportation Engineering Northwest

July 30, 2018 Public Meeting 

May 1, 2018 Public Meeting

January 10, 2018 Public Meeting

 December 20, 2017 Park Committee Meeting Materials

 January 19, 2017 Meeting Materials

 October 4, 2016 Meeting Materials

 July 27, 2016 Public Meeting Materials



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