Parkview Elementary Safe Route to School Improvements

​Project Overview: Sidewalks, ADA upgrades, Crosswalks, Bike Lanes ​

The Bellingham School District is reconstructing Parkview Elementary School in 2020 and, when complete, the new school will have capacity for 100 additional students.  While there is not a significant collision history in the vicinity of the school, the 2012 Pedestrian Master Plan identifies significant sidewalk gaps along both Cornwall Avenue and Coolidge Avenue leading to Parkview ES. The 2014 Bicycle Master Plan identifies gaps in the bicycle network along West Illinois Street, Meridian Street, and Girard Street, as highlighted in this Bicycle Connectivity Graphic

In 2019, Public Works commissioned the West Illinois Street Multimodal Corridor Traffic Study to examine the pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular improvement needs on the West Illinois Street corridor from Sunset Drive to Lynn Street. Bicycle lanes are proposed on both the West Illinois corridor, but due to physical space constraints, on-street parking will need to be removed from one side of the corridor.  Bike lanes on West Illinois will connect to the Vallette Street Bike Boulevard, the West Illinois Bike Boulevard east of Sunset, marked bike lanes on Meridian Street, the Dupont-Elm-Northwest corridor, and the Victor Street Bike Boulevard. A green bike box will be installed at the W. Illinois/Cornwall intersection and a flashing crosswalk will be installed at the W. Illinois/Vallette intersection. Sidewalks will be constructed on the west side of Cornwall Avenue from W. Illinois to Parkview ES, on the east side of Coolidge Avenue from W. Illinois to Parkview ES, and on the south side of W. Indiana Street from Vallette Street to Cornwall Avenue.


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​Chris Comeau, COB Transportation Planner

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