West Illinois Multimodal Improvements

Project Overview: ES561

The West Illinois Multimodal Project will add sidewalks to West Illinois and add/upgrade ramps to ADA requirements. In addition, a small roundabout will be installed at the intersection of Meridian Street and West Illinois and the existing signal will be removed. Bike facility markings will be placed on Meridian, Illinois and Girard Streets and Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) will be installed at Meridian/North Street, Meridian/Oregon Street and Girard/H Street. The Oregon and H Street crossings will have new pedestrian ramps installed as well. Project challenges include limited space in the right-of-way and utility pole conflicts.

This project is funded by the Bellingham Transportation Fund, a Washington State Transportation Improvement Board Grant, and Washington State Complete Streets.

Vicinity Map

Status – December 2022

Accomplishments: 30% Design review complete.

Next Milestones: 60% Design review.

Project Details

  • Status – Design
  • Contract awarded – TBD
  • Contract amount – TBD
  • Contractor – TBD
  • Vicinity​ M​​ap​​

More Information


Freeman Anthony, P.E.
Phone: (360) 778-7924
Email: fanthony@cob.org

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