Land Use Applications and Forms

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
ADU Application and ADU Requirements
ADU Homeowner Handbook
ADU Occupancy Certification
ADU Affidavit

Annexation Application and Annexation Procedures
60% Direct Petition Method
Alternative Direct Petition Method
Frequently Asked Questions

Binding Site Plan
General Binding Site Plan Procedures / Application
Specific Binding Site Plan Procedures / Application

Clearing Permit Application
Grading Permit Application

Conditional Use
Conditional Use Permit Application
Floor Area Calculation Form

Critical Areas       
Critical Areas Permit Application
Minor Critical Areas Permit Application 

Design Review
Design Review Application
Design Review Exemption Authorization
Pre-Application Design Guidance Meeting
Old Town FAR Bonus Application

Design Review Supporting Materials
BMC – Design R​eview
City Center Design Standards
Fairhaven Design Standards
Multi-Family Design Review Handbook

Historic Preservation

Certificate of Alteration Procedures / Application
Local Building Registry Procedures/ Application
Special Valuation and Rehabilitation Cost Affidavit

Infill Housing (Infill Toolkit)

Infill Toolkit Application      

Interim Housing

Interim Housing Permit Application

Nonconforming Use and Building
Certificate of Non-Conforming Use Application
Expansion of Non-Conforming Use Procedure
Nonconforming Structure Percentage Destruction Calculation

Planned Development
Procedures, Site Plan Checklist and Application

Pre-Application Meeting Information / Applicationrecently revised
Pre-Application Waiver Request Application

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)
Land Use Cover Sheet MUST be included with Checklist or Supplemental Sheet D submittal
SEPA Environmental Checklistword version
SEPA Supplemental Sheet D for Non-Project Actionsword version
View Analysis Submittal Standards

Shoreline Permit Application
Shoreline Exemption Application

Short-Term Rental
Short-term Rental Application
Short-term Rental Renewal Affidavit

Subdivision/Short Plat
Final Land Division Approval
Legal Lot Determination
Lot Line Adjustment (LLA)
Minimum Site Area Exception Procedures / Application
Preliminary Plat Procedures /  Application
Short Subdivision Process Type I Procedures / Application
Short Subdivision Process Type II and Type III Procedures / Application
Subdivision Departure Application
Subdivision Variance Procedures / Application

Temporary Shelter

Temporary Shelter Permit Application

Variance Procedures / Application



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