Streets Sweeping


Street sweeping has been part of the City’s street maintenance program for many years. Streets outside the Central Business District and Fairhaven are swept on a regular, but unpublicized, schedule. Sweeping is accomplished with the use of three regenerative air sweepers owned and operated by the City. Regenerative air sweepers are considered one of the quietest sweeper models available. One sweeper operates on a graveyard shift, five days a week, focusing on the Central Business District and Fairhaven to maximize the effectiveness of sweeping when traffic and parked cars are at a minimum. Some arterial streets are also cleaned during this time. The other sweepers are primarily used during a five-day-a-week day shift and focus on residential streets in the remaining districts and neighborhoods throughout the city. Additional information about areas swept during evening and daytime hours is outlined in the “Other Schedules” section below.

Street Sweeping Zone Sign

As our community has grown, and especially with the increase of residential units downtown, the number of cars left overnight on streets has increased significantly. Street sweeping is not effective when sweepers cannot access whole sections of street. As a solution, a scheduled street sweeping program was implemented in the Downtown and Central Business Districts in the summer of 2007. Permanent “NO Parking 2AM –  6AM” signs are posted on all streets in the sweeping zone. People are asked not to park on streets during sweeping hours.

Sweeping Schedule

A scheduled sweeping program for the Downtown and Central Business Districts went into effect July 1, 2007. All other districts and neighborhoods will continue to be maintained at their regularly scheduled intervals and as time permits. 

Downtown/Central Business District

  • Sweeping Zone Map (PDF)
  • North/South streets every Tuesday
    No Parking 2AM to 6AM
  • East/West streets every Wednesday
    No Parking 2AM to 6AM

Downtown Alleys

  • North/South alleys:
    First Tuesday of the month
    No Parking between 2AM and 6AM
  • East/West alleys:
    First Wednesday of the month
    No Parking between 2AM and 6AM

Other Districts, Arterials and Neighborhoods

Evening Sweeping:

Evening sweeping targets the Central Business District (CBD), Fairhaven, arterials, and bike routes. Click on the link below to view a typical 4-week evening street sweeping schedule that shows what areas and street types are targeted in any given month for regular sweeping.

Daytime Sweeping:

Daytime sweeping targets all other areas not swept during the evening shift. Those areas are broken out into neighborhood areas numbered 1 through 25. Starting with area 1, the daytime street sweeper works through each neighborhood, in order, until all 25 have been completed. The daytime street sweeper also responds to emergency clean-ups as needed. Neighborhood residential streets are swept a minimum of twice per year, with a typical cycle of three times a year beginning on or about March 1 and October 15.


Street sweeping is an important part of street maintenance. In addition to improving the appearance of our community, sweeping streets provides a number of environmental benefits, including:

  • Removing harmful pollutants such as metal particles and other hazardous waste from vehicles.
  • Protecting fish and wildlife by reducing heavy metals and other pollutants that can enter waterways when it rains.
  • Improving water quality. Street sweeping is considered a best management practice (BMP) for controlling and improving water quality.
  • Reducing localized flooding during ​heavy rains.
  • Reducing storm drain maintenance by keeping storm drains clear and unclogged.
  • Enhancing traffic safety by removing debris lying in the roadway.

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