James Street Multimodal Feasibility Study

​​​Project Overview: ES549

Aerial footage of James Street

​In 2019, Public Works staff and TranspoGroup consultants engaged in a comprehensive corridor study to examine alternatives to converting 1.07-mile of the James Street corridor from Orchard Drive to Kellogg Road from a narrow rural roadway to an urban corridor with facilities for people walking, biking and riding WTA transit buses. Due to significant environmental and critical area features (streams, wetlands, forest habitat, steep slopes) along both sides of the James Street corridor, it may be necessary to provide walkways, bikeways and transit space in a variety of ways, with both traditional and non-traditional alternatives being examined and assessed for benefits and costs to construct. The project team will engage the public and seek input at an open house event and at King Mountain Neighborhood Association meetings during the course of the feasibility study. Ultimately, a “recommended alternative(s)” will be identified, which will allow Public Works to then seek state and federal grant funding for construction in future years.

Project Details

  • Multi-agency feasibility study (City, WTA, WSDOT, WCOG)
  • Contract Awarded: 3/1/2019
  • Contract Amount: $75,000
  • Contractor: TranspoGroup
  • Completion Date: November 2019
  • Final Contract Amount: $75,000

Status: December 2018 to September 2019

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Multi-Agency Project Team

  • Bellingham Public Works Engineering, Operations & Natural Resources
  • Bellingham Parks Department
  • Whatcom Transportation Authority
  • TranspoGroup Consultants​


​Chris Comeau
Transportation Planner
(360) 778-7946

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