Pollution Prevention for Businesses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bellingham places a high value on protecting storm and surface water, which ultimately flow into nearby streams, lakes, and Bellingham Bay, picking up pollutants in their path. Pollution sources can be direct or indirect, often coming from improper disposal or outdoor storage practices. Metals, pesticides, and other pollutants have been found in our local waterways, some at levels exceeding EPA standards for the protection of human and aquatic life.

To address this issue, the City provides technical assistance and stormwater facility inspections to help your business reduce pollution and comply with regulations. To request a free spill kit and/or technical assistance visit, contact your local specialist at BPPA@cob.org, (360) 778-7740, or by completing the form below.

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The Pollution Prevention Partnership is comprised of representatives from cities, counties, and health districts. Funding assistance is provided by the Department of Ecology and allows the program to provide free hands-on-assistance to Small Quantity Generators (typically small businesses and organizations) who wish to improve their practices by reducing impacts to human health and the environment.

This is accomplished through technical assistance visits that are designed to reduce or eliminate hazardous waste and pollutants at the source. A local pollution prevention specialist will meet with your organization to evaluate current activities and practices. They will discuss concerns, observations, solutions, and work directly to help solve common challenges around dangerous wastes, stormwater, solid waste, and spill prevention. This collaborative process limits liability, reduces risk, and improves work environments.

Learn more about Ecology’s Pollution Prevention Assistance Program.

If your business discards these types of materials, you probably generate hazardous waste:

AntifreezePaints and thinners
Amalgam wastePesticides
DisinfectantsShop towels
Fluorescent lightsOther industry-specific waste

The resources below can get you started on your search for pollution prevention solutions.​


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