Building Applications and Forms

Many “Bellingham” addresses are for properties that are actually in unincorporated areas – not within city limits. Please use Cit​​​y IQ to make sure the property you are interested in actually falls within the City of Bellingham.  


The following permits must be applied for online. If you are new to the TRAKiT web portal, check out the How-To Guide!

  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Water Heater Replacement, Re-Roof and Sign & Awning.

Single Family & Duplex Submittal Guidelines 
Links to documents referenced in this form in the order that they appear:
     –  Electronic Submittal Requirements   
     –  Building Permit Application 
     –  Fixture Count 
     –  ADU Handout
     –  Stormwater Submittal Requirements
     –  Fee Worksheet 
     –  Valuation Guidelines
     –  Impact Fee Deferral 
     –  Tenant Declaration
Building Permit Application
     –  Amendment / Revision Coversheet
Fixture Count: Mechanical and Plumbing
Energy Code Website & Compliance Forms (Single Family & Duplex)
     –  Use the Prescriptive Worksheet – All Climate Zones, Glazing Schedule and Heating System Sizing Worksheet
Building Height Calculation Worksheet
Residential Decks
Floor Area Calculation (for residences of 5,500 sq. ft. or more)
Mobile/Manufactured Home Permit Submittal Guide
Manufactured Home Regulations on Single Family Lots

Alternate Methods or Materials

Use of alternate methods or materials, not prescriptive to adopted codes, requires that the proponent demonstrate that the alternate is at least equivalent to the methods in the adopted codes. Persons wishing to use alternate methods or materials must complete each of the following:

  • Complete the Alternative Methods and Materials application
  • Provide adequate evidence that the proposed method is equal to or better than what is prescribed in adopted codes;
  • Provide all of the documentation in the first two bullets along with a completed permit application.

Failure to follow the steps above will result in the proposed alternate method or material being denied. Please remember that if you wish to use the proposed alternate on multiple projects, you must provide all of the bulleted documents with the permit application for each project.


These examples shown herein are demonstration of drainage system equivalency between the two nationally recognized plumbing codes. Other documentation may also be proposed.



Permit Center

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