Roosevelt Neighborhood

The Roosevelt Neighborhood is located east of Interstate 5, south of Sunset Drive and north of Whatcom Creek. Within its boundaries the Roosevelt Neighborhood is, in every sense of the word, diverse. Land use ranges from single-family residential to industrial. There are concentrations of old and new housing units. Styles vary from 100-year old single family homes to modern apartment complexes. Though styles vary houses and apartments in the Roosevelt Neighborhood are generally well maintained. The gentle slope along the northern boundary of the neighborhood creates properties with pleasing views of Bellingham and the Bay to the west. Over 6,000 residents (9% of total city population) make Roosevelt the most populous neighborhood in the city. 

The Light Industrial area is not without its own mix, with uses ranging from automobile dealerships and warehouses to office development in older homes and in modern new buildings.

The Railroad Trail, which occupies the former Burlington Northern Railroad line, connects Whatcom Falls Park to the South Bay Trail west of Interstate 5.  This trail is well used by cyclists and pedestrians and traverses residential neighborhoods, the Fever Creek Wildlife Pond, wetlands, forests and fallow fields, the Barkley Village shopping center, and Roosevelt Elementary School.  Not only does this trail provide a recreational experience, but also serves as an important wildlife link to adjacent corridors and open space. The Whatcom Creek corridor, which forms the southern boundary of the neighborhood, and 9-acre Roosevelt Neighborhood Park are also significant attributes of the Roosevelt Neighborhood. Roosevelt Park is a neighborhood activity center adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club and includes a playground, picnic area, basketball court and loop trail.


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