CityView – 4413 Consolidation Avenue

Project Description

The City has received applications for a new residential multi-family project on a vacant 11-acre parcel generally located north of Consolidation Avenue between Puget and Nevada Streets in the Puget Neighborhood. The submitted proposal consists of 106, 3-bed units in three separate buildings. Two of the buildings will be 2.5 stories (and will contain 20 units in each building) and one building will be 5.5 stories (and contain 66 units). The proposal includes a total of 249 vehicle parking spaces and 54 bicycle parking spaces. Onsite open space is located in the southwest corner of the site, near the Consolidation entrance. Consolidation Avenue will be constructed from Nevada Street to a distance necessary to access the proposal’s two driveways.

Approximately 50% of the site will be cleared for the development and the reminder of the site is proposed to be retained in its current forested condition. The proposal does not include impacts to the onsite wetlands; however it does propose to impact the buffer of one onsite wetland. Mitigation for this impact is proposed to occur onsite.

Land use applications for the CityView proposal include planned development, design review, environments checklist and critical areas can be found below.

Notice of Decision

SEPA MDNS for CityView

Application Materials

Application Review Timeline and Notices

July 8, 2019: Applicant held a pre-application neighborhood meeting at Carl Cozier elementary school cafeteria

July 22. 2019: The city received land use applications for the CityView development

August 10, 2019: The city determined the submitted applications were not sufficiently complete to begin review and issued a Notice of Incomplete Application and Request for Information

February 26, 2020: The applicant submitted a response to the August 10, 2019 Notice of Incomplete Application and Request for Information (See application materials above)

March 9, 2020: The city determined the February 26, 2020 submittal was sufficient to begin review of the applications and issue a Notice of Complete Application

March 20, 2020: The applicant placed the proposal on hold for 30 days in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

April 24, 2020: The city issued a Notice of Application

May 1, 2020: The authority in BMC 21.10.110(E)(2) was exercised to require a public meeting before the Planning Commission. This determination effectively extends the public comment period up to the close of the public meeting.

July 6, 2020: A Request for Information was issued.

October 27, 2020: The city conditionally accepted the applicant’s request for an additional 150 days to submit a response to the issued July 6, 2020 request for information. This extension comes with the condition that the applicant agreed to give the city 28 days, which is an additional 14 days pursuant to BMC 21.10.080, to determine whether the response satisfies the July 6 RFI.

The 150-day extension establishes April 2, 2021 as the date for submitting a response to prevent the applications for the CityView development from becoming null and void under the same terms identified in the July 6 RFI.

June 3, 2021: The Planning Commission held a public meeting and considered this packet of information, as well as all of the material above, and made their recommendations to the Planning and Community Development Director.

June 24, 2021: A Request for Information was issued.

February 9, 2022: The city issued a SEPA-MDNS

April 19, 2022: The city issued a Notice of Decision

Public Comment Received

The comment tracker lists all of the comments received by the Planning and Community Development Department. You will notice that some names have an * next them indicating that additional documentation was included with the comment, the additional photos or documents can be found with their original comment below. 

This additional comment tracker will be updated every Friday until the process before the Planning Commission has been completed. You will notice that some names have an * next them indicating that additional documentation was included with the comment and those are published with the original comments below. 



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